Friday, June 13, 2014

V-puppies are nine weeks old

The last two weeks went by so quickly! Puppies continue to do really well. 
During the day they stay in a much larger pen where they have several dog houses, dog beds and a lot of toys. The pen is attached to a shed, where pups can go to when the weather is bad. During thunderstorms we bring them to the house, and they spend their nights downstairs in their whelping box and pen filled with wood chips.

This PVC  pipe has been a great hit with puppies. Pups play a hide-and-seek there, run through it and sometimes take a nap inside.
Vincent loves the pipe!
We started to take pups for longer walks to the pond. They are not too eager to go to the water but they have no fear to run onto the dock.

Their diet is varied. They eat four times a day, dry kibble, canned food and raw diet.
Pups spend quite a bit of time with us, in the kitchen, when we have meals. They are really people-oriented, sweet creatures.
At eight weeks puppies were examined by Dr. Rebecca Kryzak of Cottonwood Veterinary Services.
We try to give puppies many opportunities to be exposed to new situations and be handled by people. These pictures show Janice and her husband Butch.

Dan and Debbie came to play with the puppies as well. There are no shy or timid puppies in this litter.

Yesterday, June 12, we worked with pups on fresh liver drags. Today we had a lot of rain and were surprised to see that when puppies were let out on the lawn this evening they reworked the liver drag from 24 hours ago. We thought they would not be able to smell it. The flags were still in the ground so we could see they they followed the line, made a check and got to the end of the line. All this was in a good working style. Oh, how we underestimate our dogs' noses!

Pups continue to be exposed to other dogs. Here Tuesday and Tommy have s pousal disagreement in front of their offspring :-)

Kunox is a good playmate. Run Vonnie, run!


Lindsjö taxar said...

They are so Beautiful! THey look really good and so curios already on tracking :-)
THis week is 3 weeks since mating but no signs. I really dont Think we made it with Trym and Ayla but we let us be surprised. Tyra should be pregnant.

dachshundlady said...

Tuesday and Tommy shouldn't have fought in front of the kids, lol.