Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This nice e-mail came from Lynn and Ann Pierce from Louisiana.

We have two youth weekends for the first time and this past weekend was the first of the two. We had 13 people at our camp and with all the camps in the area about 40 adults (family and friends) and 9 youth hunters and more to come this coming weekend. It was great. We all meet at one camp "GUT-BUSTERS" to do all the cleaning, cooking, and storytelling.

The atmosphere is great and a lot of fun. Maybe y'all could visit us one hunting season, it would really be great and fun to have y'all over to do some tracking.

Rosette's first track was very successful. My great nephew shot the deer at the end of a food plot, it ran about 225 yards and went into the woods where he could not see the direction the deer went. It was not a very long track, but defiantly long enough. Rossette found the blood, tracked it with a hard right turn and then a large half circle which she followed right on line and found the deer in very tall grass. We could have found the deer ourselves, but it was a great training exercise for her. We waited almost two hours before we started the track. No one knew where the deer was and if it was hit or not. We only knew the area at the end of the food plot where it was shot at. My nephew thought he had missed it. I told him we always go look when anyone shoots at a deer. You never know if it is hit or not.

Rosette (Roulette von Moosbach-Zuzelek) at the end of successful track
Several hours before the above track my other great nephew shot a deer but it fell in its tracks. So I had my nephew pull it several hundred yards and hide it in the woods where no one of us knew where it was hidden.
Rosette followed the track perfectly right to the deer. This was a fresh track about 30 minutes after the kill.

For both tracks I had a hard time holding her, Rosette was all business and she was tracking with much enthusiasm and fire and she loved it. I did too.....

She loves the hunting camp atmosphere and she is great at the camp with the other dogs and everyone loves her. I am very pleased with her and she is a great companion. She is very mild mannered, laid back, and loves playing with the grandkids and great nieces and nephews. You did a great job picking her for Ann & I. She's just what we wanted.

Well, that's it for now.

Thanks and happy tracking,