Friday, October 8, 2010

First recoveries for Quella and Mya (Quanta)

We sold three 2010 puppies to hunters from Ohio and two days ago we heard from the two of them.

David Bell who has Quella (Joeri/Keena) wrote:

Hey Jolanta, I just wanted to let you know that Quella is two for two in finding deer. The first track was 4 hours old. Quella seemed to be overwhelmed at first and I had to restart her three times on the 120 yard track, which had very little blood at first for the first 10 feet. I had to use flashlights at the time and I couldn't see any blood, but they were cheap led lights, which weren't very bright. The third time I put her on it she took me straight to the deer. She could have been right the first time, but I wasn't seeing any blood, so I re-started her on it. Well, to make a long story short on this track I believe the reason she was wrong the first time was that she was tracking the coyotes that had found the young button buck before Quella did (and they had blood on their feet).

The second time I took her out was on a call that was only two hours old. Quella found the deer with no problem at all, which was a training line for her (my firend shot the deer). The deer went around 125 yds with two wound beds and some decent blood at times. This time out I had my new coon light from Kelley's K Light Supply. It was their top light, with the G-2L Advantage Head on it. Quella took me straight to the deer and my buddy and his cousin were saying that they couldn't believe how good this little dachshund is. They were kind of laughing at first when they first seen her, but she made quick believers of her flawless nose work. Thanks again for a awesome dog. The tracks I mentioned were on the 4th and 5th by the way.

Bill Brown wrote about Mya (Quanta):

Jolanta, hopefully all is well with you and John. Were all doing fine and couldn’t be any happier with Mya.We all have her spoiled rotten and my labs love her too. She has been doing very well on her training exercises, not perfect but she has always ended well. She had her 1st real deer tracking this past Sat. I knew where the deer was, about a 150yd job, had to get her on the blood a couple of times but she did extremely well. She got very excited when she got to the deer licked the wound and wanted to chew and enjoyed the piece of liver she was given. Can’t wait for her next tracking job, now that she knows the end results. I’ll keep you updated.

David and Bill, good to hear from you. Good tracking and hunting - keep us posted!