Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sound conditioning

This week we are working on pups' sound conditioning. They are being exposed to a variety of sounds and we watch closely their responses. Since their pen is located on the front lawn, close to the house, they can hear a lawn mower, car, tractor, weed whacker, and trap shooting coming from a nearby property. I also use bubble wrap. Popping bubble wrap creates a similar sound to that of a cap pistol. Most of the pups did not show any reaction at all, some noticed the sound but did not mind but one pup showed concern. It is interesting that this particular pup was not bothered by other loud noises (like the banging of metal dog dishes) but did not like the sound of popping bubble wrap. I also let pups play with the whole roll so they could pop the bubbles themselves.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rain and thunderstorms in the forecast so puppies are going to stay inside

Today we had several new developments. In the morning we brought Paika to the kitchen with hope that she would be gentle enough with Geico. For the most part she was, and things went very well. He is so tiny in comparison to her that all the interaction has to be done with us present, under our supervision. But little guy had  a lot of fun playing with Paika, and after 20 minutes he was exhausted.

We had several scattered showers so pups had to come inside a few times. Tonight the forecast calls for thunderstorms so a shed is not a good place for the pups to stay in alone overnight. They are not ready for this kind of stress. So both litters got reunited and they are going to spend the night inside in the pen filled with wood chips. The pen is attached to a big whelping box, which now serves as sleeping and playing area for the pups. When they need to go to bathroom they use the wood chips in the pen. We have used this system for many years and it has been working very well. This way, puppies learn early to be clean and not to soil their bed.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Q-pups spend their night on their own

Keena's puppies turned 5 weeks old today. Last night for the first time they spent a night by themselves, without Keena. Until yesterday they stayed in my office, but it was getting too crowded so we moved them to the fenced pen, which is attached to a shed. This setup is described in this post from 2009. Keena seems to be relieved to have a break from the pups over the night, and they did not seem to be too stressed out about the new situation.

Today there was a drizzle, and it was a good opportunity to get pups out onto the wet grass and the gravel driveway. New experiences are very important at this age. We also sprinkled some deer blood on the grass to see whether the pups would respond to the scent (yes, they did). Puppies also had a chance to meet other dogs - Joeri and Tommy.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Puppies playing with deer legs

Today pups were exposed to deer legs. They liked it very much.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Q-pups go for a walk

Keena's puppies went for a short walk today. The idea is to have them follow me, and when they do, they get awarded with praise. When the weather is good, pups stay outside in one of the pens. As we want them to be flexible - they do not have any routine. Time of feeding varies, and food varies on daily basis. They are moved from one pen to another, and we change their toys often too.

Below are pictures of Quantum, who today was 850 gr. He is an adorable puppy, but he looks very different from other pups. Actually, we decided that he reminds us of gecko from Geico commercials and we are calling him Geico. Today I put him together with his litter mates for about 20 minutes and watched him. He tried to dominate other pups but they were sleepy and they really did not mind.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gilda's pups at 4 weeks

Tuesday was a difficult day as Gilda was sick. In the morning she was sluggish, and when I took her temperature it was 104.2. She did not want to eat, and she felt really poorly. I gave her several doses of oral calcium and in the afternoon her temperature went down to 102.7. But she still was without energy and would not eat. After talking to our vet, we put her on Clavamox (antibiotic). She improved overnight and today she was much better. Not a 100% yet though. We limited her access to puppies today, and they were fine today eating mainly raw diet.

They turned four weeks old yesterday, and today I took some pics of them.

The first picture is of Roulet, she was 1370 gr, I rated her coat as 4.5, and her teeth are just starting to come out.

Rilla (white collar) is 1320 gr, her coat is 4, and her teeth are starting to come out now.
Ranger (black) is 1440 gr, his coat is 2, and half of his teeth are out.
Remy (yellow) is 1430 gr, his coat is 2, and half of his teeth are out.
Ruger (red) is 1580 gr, his coat is 4 and his teeth are just starting to come out.

Well, it is disappointing to see three coats (out of 5) that will be on a soft and longer side. But this is something typical in wirehaired dachshunds. If a breeder selects for harsh and shorter coats, smooth coats show up. If the pendulum swings in the other direction, softer coats might dominate.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First training session

Yesterday was a very busy day. Good friends of ours, Larry Gohlke and Cheri Faust, spent a day with us while on their way home from NATC events. But first in the morning I went to pick up Quantum (Green Boy). This is a picture of Jeremiah with the puppy. Thank you Jeremiah for everything you have done for Quantum.

The puppy is very different looking from any puppies I have ever seen. He is considerably smaller than his litter mates, his bones seem thinner and he seems to be lacking fat tissue. He has a good appetite, is active and alert, bright and affectionate, but physically he is different. I thought that he might be able to spend some time with other pups, but they are just too large and rough for him. We will try to socialize him with other dogs but this is going to be a challenge because of his size.

Larry and Cheri played with the pups, who had their first training session with a deer hide. In the picture to the left you can see Quantum with other pups. Developmentally he is not lagging behind, but in comparison he looks frail. We will hold on to him for a while to see how he continues to develop before we make any decisions about him. It is good that we did not take reservations for working homes for all our puppies!

Puppies had a good time chewing on a smelly deer hide.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Keena's pups at four weeks

Today Keena's pups turned four weeks old. I went over them in some detail, and these are my observations:
Queenie Yellow (below) 1260 gr, her teeth are just starting to come out, coat should excellent, not too short or long, on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 very short, smooth and 5 long and soft, I'd give her 2.

Quanta Pink (below)  1500 gr, her incissors and canines are all out, looks like a short coat that I'd score 1

Quella Orange (below) 1475 gr, again incissors and canines are out, short coat with ascore of 1

Questa Lime  1275 gr, no teeth yet, coat quite short on the body, but longer on her face, 3

Quipster White 1680 gr (huge puppy), teeth are just starting to come out, coat score 4
Quantum Green don't know, we'll pick him up on Monday
Quick Red 1215 gr, no teeth, coat score 4

Quentin Light Blue 1470 gr, teeth are just starting to come out, coat score 2.5

Quint Navy 1260 gr, teeth are just starting to come out, coat score 3
Also today, for the first time pups from both litters spend some time together in a pen. This is a video clip taken during this session:

To see it at a different resolution, click here.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning how to drink from a dish

Gilda's puppies turned three weeks old yesterday, and today I offered them some Esbilac. They acted hungry, and Gilda was not too eager to let them nurse. Pups' erupting teeth are very sharp, and now both Keena and Gilda try to stay away from pups for longer stretches of time. I don't think pups got any Esbilac in, but it was a good try. Gilda finished the meal, and pups were learning from mom what to do with the "stuff" on a plate.
Puppies do not spend much time in their whelping boxes anymore. Keena's litter has a basically free run of my office. They are really good about sleeping in one area, where I put a couple of beds for them and trying to go to bathroom away from their nest. Keena still tends to all their needs. Every day they explore a bit further. Now they respond to my voice and come when I talk to them. They also start to play with one another. It is fun to have puppies in the office, but not a lot of work can be done this way.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally some good weather for puppies

Finally we had a good day - warm and sunny. Both litters had a chance to spend several hours outside, just in front of our front porch.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Update on Quantum (Green Boy)

I had a nice call from Jeremiah with update on Quantum (Green Boy). He is doing really well, and over the weekend put on 3 ounces. If everything goes well, he will be coming home in a week.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gilda's pups at 18 days - Friday pictures

We are back to lousy, wet weather so I am glad that on Friday Gilda's pups had a chance to go outside too.

Puppies got their names

Today we decided to give puppies their registered names. It will be easier to refer to puppies by their names instead of colors. Puppies' new owners will be able to use their own call names; the below names will be used on pups' AKC registration papers.

Q-PUPPIES (Joeri/Keena)

1. Quantum   Green
2. Quick   Red
3. Quentin   Light Blue
4. Quint   Navy

5. Queenie   Yellow
6. Quanta   Pink
7. Quella   Orange
8. Questa   Lime
9. Quipster   White

R-PUPPIES (Joeri/Gilda)

1. Ranger   Black
2. Remy   Yellow
3. Ruger   Red

4. Rilla   White
5. Roulet   Pink

Friday, June 11, 2010

First time outside for Keena's pups

Finally today we had a very nice day and our first chance to take puppies outside. Puppies were not too stressed out but Keena was a bit concerned. The most adventerous was White Girl, who has a take charge attitude.

Good news from Jeremiah

I heard from Jeremiah, and it was all good news. The Green Collar Boy is doing well. He put on 30 gr (1 oz), but he hates being fed from the bottle. Maybe this is why I was having problems with feeding him this way. So Jeremiah feeds him by tube, and he also has introduced special canned food, which apparently is very much to the pup's liking. Anyway, the puppy sleeps through the night without feeding, and is active during the day. Jeremiah feels that he will be able to come home when he starts to drink on his own. So far so good.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Watching, walking and talking

The first row of pics show Keena's pups, and the second row pics show Gilda's pups. Puppies are getting more active with every day even though they sleep a lot. They can smell, see, hear, walk and bark. They like to be stroked and petted, and now they can even give wet kisses. I take them out of their whelping box several times a day, handle them individually, let them move and walk/crawl on a different surface such as tiles. From my first observations it seems that there might be only one puppy with a short coat. Some pups with have fuller and longer coats, that's for sure.

Tomorrow we should hear from Jeremiah; hopefully Green puppy is making progress.