Friday, April 25, 2014

V puppies are two weeks old

Tomorrow puppies are going to be two weeks old so today I tried to snap some pictures. As expected all the puppies are going to have wirehaired coats with beards. Tommy is homozygous for the dominant gene controlling the presence of furnishings so even though Tuesday carries a recessive gene for the lack of furnishings these pups, all of them, are going to have beards.

At this stage the pups seem to be very laid back and low key but this might change with age. Tuesday continues to be a devoted mom, and now she takes some short breaks from the whelping box.

Tomorrow we are going to deworm pups and the mom with Nemex 2.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tommy and Tuesday's puppies: our V-litter

It's about time to introduce our V litter out of our FC Tuesday von Moosbach-Zuzelek, Sfk, V, and sired by FC Tom vom Linteler-Forst, SchwhK (Prize I/100), Deer Search cert., V. We bred Tommy and Tuesday twice, on February 6 and 8, and Tuesday's pregnancy was uneventful. She had a good appetite and was active. 

She started to whelp on Friday night (April 11) and finished six hours later. Puppies arrived in this order:

9:05 PM Volt (lime collar), 7.8 oz (221 gr)
11:50 PM Viola (pink) 7.4 oz (210 gr)
12:04 AM Vonnie (yellow) 7.6 oz (215 gr)
2:45 AM Vincent (blue) 8.2 oz (232 gr)
3:10 AM Vivica (red) 8.8 oz (250 gr)

Tuesday has been taking a great care of the pups, but in the beginning she suffered from excessive milk production, a painful condition called galactostasis. According to the Merck Manual: "The affected glands are warm, swollen, and painful to the touch, but the animal is alert and healthy. Warm compresses should be applied to the affected glands 4–6 times daily, and the young should be encouraged to nurse from these glands." 

She was put on Clavamox and quickly recovered. Puppies have been gaining weight quickly and at ten days they were:

Volt (lime) was 221 gr at birth, now 650 gr
Vincent (blue) was 232, now 625
Viola (pink) was 210, now 600
Vonnie (yellow)was 215, now 615
Vivica (red) was 232, now 715 gr

They also opened their eyes and started to crawl around whelping box much more.
Tuesday has been staying with the pups in the whelping box all the time. They are spotless clean. What I like about her that she not too possessive of her pups. She completely trusts us, and even if dogs bark outside my den, she does not get too upset about it.

April 20
April 22