Sunday, August 11, 2013

Evaluating puppies' conformation on a grooming table. How to stack a puppy.

All the puppies are now gone to their new homes, but we need to catch up here on the puppy journal with what had happened here during the last ten days. When Cheri Faust came here to breed Danika to Sky we managed to set some time aside to take pictures of puppies on a grooming table and evaluate their conformation. At the time two pups had already left for new homes so we could do stacking with only five pups.

Cheri is a very experienced with showing dachshunds and she taught the pups stack on the table within ten minutes. This is a video of demonstrating how she does it.

There were quite a few differences visible among the pups when it comes to body type, proportions, size, coat etc.

We both agreed that Uschi has the best conformation of the five pups. She has very nice proportions and nice angulation. She was very comfortable in this position.

This was not he best stack for Ursula, who in reality looks better than in this picture. 
If I were to keep a puppy for myself, it would have been most likely Utah. This is a puppy with excellent coat and extreme agility thanks to a very correct conformation.
While Urho has a lot of  very good qualities, he is a little long in the body and overangulated in his rear.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Uta is now residing in Wisconsin

We were planning to keep one of female puppies from Sky and Mielikki's litter for ourselves. Four weeks ago when Cheri Faust was visiting us, we saw a deep connection and quick attraction between her and Uta, the smallest puppy in the litter. So I offered Cheri a co-ownership of Uta with me keeping breeding rights, and she liked the idea. Last weekend Cheri was back breeding Danika to Sky, and we had a chance to see Uta again. She was still the smallest and probably the feistiest puppy, with a lot of potential. Good luck Cheri with the puppy!