Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Puppies' new digs

"O" puppies are being moved to new quarters where they will be very comfortable. It is a fenced yard attached to a shed. There are several dog houses there and many toys to play with.

This is how the inside of the shed looks like. The white house is heated. Puppies will stay during the night when it is not too cold. On those nights the door leading outside will be blocked so pups cannot get out, but they will be able to go to bathroom in the wood chips. We have been using this setup for older puppies for a number of years and it has worked very well. The shed with the fenced yard is situated just next to the parking area next to our house, and we can see pups from our kitchen window.

Yesterday puppies had another session with liver drags, this time on a light plastic tracking leash. We started to walk them on a short leash but they are not leash-broken yet.

Oak enjoys a piece of deer liver and a deer tail at the end of line.

John is handling Olive.

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