Friday, May 30, 2014

The seventh week in puppies' life

Tommy and Tuesday's puppies continue to develop well. They have had a very busy week. In the house they continue to sleep in their whelping box, which now is their bed. They go to bathroom in the large pen filled with wood chips. This setup males for easy cleaning. Tuesday decided that their teeth are too sharp now and stopped jumping into their pen. She loves her puppies and  she craves a close contact with them. She always wants to know where they are. But for now we are keeping them pretty much separated so she stops producing milk. 

The two pictures above show Tuesday watching her puppies while they are in their pen. The next one shows her trying to get away from the pups who still try to get a sip of milk.

During the day, when the weather allows, pups stay in a large pen outdoors. They have a variety of beds, a crate and a lot of toys there. We try to change them all the time so they do not get bored. Of course, they have each other and now they play hard.

We filled this shallow plastic and let the pups wet their feet in the water. Only Vonnie figured out quickly that if she grabs the string, she actually does not have to go all the way to get the ball. This is a the most adventurous and enterprising puppy.

We hang several toys from the tree branch above the pen, and the duck was the biggest hit.

The sweetest puppy in the litter is Vincent, who is very cuddly and affectionate.

Pups started to go for walks, and the picture below shows John who is trying to be very careful and not to step on any of them. They do have a real talent to get under our feet.

We also started to take pups for short rides. This picture was taken during their first short trip, and the pups were not impressed. Today (May 30) they were much better and more relaxed.

We also let pups regular contact with our adult dogs. This picture shows Tommy, who met them for the first time almost a week ago. He was very good with them. Even though he is a high energy dog, he adjusted his behavior and was very gentle with the pups.

Pups also met other males, Kunox and Bernie.

Puppies have learned recently about stairs and steps, and you can see a short video here.

During our meals pups are with us in the kitchen, and this picture shows them snoozing after their mid-morning snack of apples. Their diet is very diversified and includes raw mix of meat and veggies, goat milk, canned food and dry kibble.

They are agile and fast, and the next three weeks will be a lot of fun for us while we will continue working with them.


Lindsjö taxar said...

You are so good with your puppies. Practice a lot with different things with them. I do that too.
I will mail you about the matings last week

dachshundlady said...

I love the video of Tommy with his pups.