Sunday, January 18, 2009


Emma's contractions started at 12:30 am on Sunday. They were medium in strength and frequency. An hour later I palpated Emma and could feel that her cervix was dilated but I could not feel a puppy in the birth canal yet. A half hour later I could feel a tip of amniotic sac. An hour passed and I started to be concerned as the progress was slow. I gave Emma 1 ml of Calsorb, an oral calcium supplement to help with uterine contractions. Emma responded with stronger contractions.

At 3:50 am I could see a small bubble with a puppy inside.
Few more pushes and the puppy was out:

It was a boy weighing 10.6 ounces, and I put a green ribbon around his neck to identify him.

Next two puppies followed quickly:
a female 10.8 oz (pink) and another female 9.2 oz (yellow). So at 5 am we had three puppies - one male and two females.

After the third puppy we had a long break, and then another puppy descended into the birth canal. This time we were in trouble. Even though the puppy was in a right position, it was very large and it got stuck. John and I tried everything we could, but it was very difficult to extract the pup. We were ready to drive to our vet for a C-section, while finally John managed to pull the pup out. This puppy (male) did not make it. He was stuck for too long. For our record I took a picture of Emma's struggle with this pup.

The next puppy was born at 10:30 am and it was a male weighing 11.4 oz. He came legs first at an awkward angle and it took some effort to get him out. He is OK now and is nursing along with the other pups. His id is blue.

We know that there is at least one more puppy inside Emma so the whelping has not ended. We are not out of the woods yet. We'll update this post when all the pups are out.

Sunday 7 pm

We are back from a vet. There was one more puppy in Emma, and we had to go to a C-section to get it out. It was dead so altogether of six puppies we lost two and ended up with four - two females and two males. Emma and the pups are doing well.

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