Monday, June 10, 2013

So far so good...

Yesterday we had a great summer weather and pups enjoyed the outdoors. We had to mow our front lawn so they got exposed to the mower's roaring sound. Today everybody stays inside. It has been raining quite heavily and we can't expect any improvement until tomorrow night...maybe. Mielikki is determined to let puppies nurse so we are letting her do that. She has been "processing" a lot of food! At this age of 4.5 weeks we can see quite a difference in coats and other features. While both males are going to have excellent coats,females show a pretty wide range of coat texture and length. They all seem to have very outgoing personalities :) Some pups, the ones with shorter coats, have their incisors and canines ou,t and so far the bites and number of teeth look OK.

Uncas at 4.5 weeks
Urho at 4.5 weeks

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