Monday, September 5, 2011

The process of weaning has started.

Pups are four and a half weeks old and they change with every day. When the weather is good they are outside, and we move them from one pen to another. When inside, they are either in my office or in our kitchen/dining area, where they are being exposed to the sound of tv, dishwasher, fridge etc. They are getting more mobile and now can walk really well. My office is divided with a board so Paika could get away from them if she wanted. Though it is not easy for them, now they can climb over the board, and every morning I find them on the other side than they were left for the night.

This morning they had their first solid meal - raw 'diet" mix of meat, organs, bone and veggies, which we get from Omas Pride. They were very enthusiastic about it! Paika is reluctant to let them nurse as their teeth are sharp and they have no mercy  :) So now the gradual process of weaning have begun.

Pups have been exposed to a deer hide and deer leg, and they liked to munch on them very much. All in all things are progressing very well.

Puppies are having their first solid meal.

Munching on a deer leg

Thinking about joining Paika on the other side of the baord

Doing it!

Water bowl - what the heck is this?

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