Friday, September 2, 2011

Active and playful!

At the age of four weeks puppies' weights were:
Blue pup 285 grams when born, now 1335
Green pup 295 then, now 1710
Yellow pup 275 then, now 1560
Red pup 315 then, now 1705
Pink pup 300 then, now 1655
Blue male is the smallest and probably the most active pup.

We have not started to wean the pups yet - thank you Paika for all that you do! Pups live in a rich environment and discover new sounds, smells, textures etc every day. We move them around all day long and rearrange things so they have to figure things out on their own. Today they spent several hours at three different sites, and now they are back in my den, loose. They have a crate that they use for sleeping and a couple of dog beds. Young pups like these ones have  a very old and strong instinct to avoid predators so they like to sleep in a den-like environment. When outside and ready to go to sleep, they crawl to the crate or under a wooden platform we built for them.

It looks like they all will have wirehair coat of excellent quality (this is what we have been aiming for). I checked the males' testicles and they all seem to be down. The pups don't have all their teeth yet, but it looks like they all will have full dentition. So far so good!


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