Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jezy gets a taste of real tracking

This morning brought a nice e-mail from Jerry Davis:

Jezy [Quipster] went on her first two real blood trails last week. They were both good bow shots and easy tracks (75 yards or so long). Her desire to track was strong ! It was priceless to watch her astonishment upon finding the first deer. She was quite taken back and slowly circled the deer. Upon much praise and encouragement , she was then delighted to chew on the deer's tongue during the entire drag out of the woods. I think she really got the idea as she showed better focus on the second track .

She's made a great house dog and seems sure to become a good tracker as well. During our daily walks she is constantly "hunting" prompting my wife to comment that she was "born-to-track"!

Good job Jezy! These easy real tracks are a great training tool for puppies.

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