Sunday, August 1, 2010

Video of Quanta working a deer liver drag

Today was a busy day. We worked more pups on liver drags, and we also had a visitor. A friend of ours, Lena Leonardsson, dropped Hexel (who belongs to Laurel Whistance-Smith) off so we could breed her to our Tommy. She brought her lurcher, a 17-month-old Bedlur.
Below is a video clip of Quanta working a fresh liver drag. The line was marked with red flags, and was approximately 70 yards long with three turns. Quanta was very good though she was not flawless. I liked her intensity.

When we sell our puppies to blood tracking homes, we want the pups to be able to work a scent line of this difficulty. It reassures us as breeders that puppies have a potential for blood tracking. The rest will be up to their new owners. It is good to remember that puppies are just puppies. They are inconsistent and they change a lot while they mature and develop. Their motivation and tracking desire will increase. Their performance will get better while they learn through training and through experience on the job. Some puppies are more precocious than others but it does not mean that they are going to be better blood trackers when they are adults..  

Puppies meet Bedlur

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