Monday, August 23, 2010

Today we said goodbye to Ranger

Today Ranger left for a new home with Gail and Vince Latella from Long Island. The Latellas have already one dachshund from us, an eight-year-old Hannah. They have been on our waiting list for two years now. The "problem" is that Gail and Vince do not hunt so they have been patiently waiting for a "pet" puppy. We never know in advance whether we will have a pet puppy so actually getting a puppy like this from us sometimes requires a very long waiting period. In the last week we decided that Gail and Vince's home will be a right one for Ranger.

We always select a puppy for new owners with a puppy's best interest at heart. Ranger is a gorgeous puppy, who actually uses his nose a lot and follows a scent line well. He has a hunting drive, but his temperament is not as solid as we like to see. He is on a somewhat nervous and timid side; he does not want to be crowded by other pups and dogs, and he is very submissive with people. We could see the difference in his behavior early, especially when we started to expose puppies to loud noises. His first experience with the sound of bubble wrap was caught on this video. He is the puppy who is very nervous about the crackling sound of bubble wrap and tries to hide.

Ranger is now 13 weeks old and he has come a long way. He does not show noise sensitivity any more. But we decided that he will be better off in a home where there is not going to be any pressure to perform in the field. Gail is retired now and Ranger will have an excellent home with a lot of love and attention. Hopefully he and Hannah will become good buddies and will enjoy a large back yard together. Below are the pics of Vince, Gail and their niece Elizabeth.


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