Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roulette aka Rosette and her new owners from Louisiana

Yesterday we had a pleasure of spending a day with Lynn and Ann Pierce. They came all the way from Cut Off, Louisiana, to pick up their new puppy. I have included a map of the nearby area where they live; it is 60 miles south of New Orleans and quite close to the recent oil spill.

Lynn is an avid deer hunter and outdoorsman. He approached us in January about getting a puppy that would have a good potential for blood tracking and at the same time be a companion for their family. Ann and Lynn have three grandchildren and another one is expected soon so the pup would have to be good with young kids. We think that Roulette, who now is going to be called Rosette, is a good choice.

Lynn impressed us a great deal when he showed his binder with the very neatly organized information and pictures collected from our blogs. Usually we give puppy buyers a binder with some printed info, but this man's binder was already at least two inches thick. Wow!!!

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Lynn and Ann - good luck with your puppy. Call or e-mail any time.

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