Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another busy weekend spent with new puppy owners from Ohio

Saturday was a busy and long day. We usually spend 5 hours with new puppy owners and this was not an exception. In the morning the Byington family from Sandusky, Ohio made an early appearance. As it turned out they drove all night long and were in our driveway at 7:45 am. We enjoyed our time spent with them, and they left with Quint at 2:30 pm. Quint is a good match for Ben, Heather and their two kids, 1 and 4. He is an affectionate and easy going pup, who never growled at us, even at the end of the blood line with the deer liver in his mouth. I think this year our biggest challenge has been to decide which puppies should go to families with small children. All the puppies have shown good potential for blood tracking and from this point of view we have been very impressed with both litters. At the same time the pups have demonstrated a wide range of temperaments and activity level, and we had to take these factors into consideration when making decision how to match puppies with their new owners.

We spent the rest of Saturday and morning on Sunday with Bill and Laurie Brown, and their two sons Billy and Wiley. Quanta, who most likely is going to be called Maya, will be living with the Brown family in Paris, Ohio. This is a family of deer hunters, and Quanta will fit right in.

Ben and his new puppy Quint

Billy, Bill, Laurie and Wiley Brown with Quanta

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