Saturday, June 26, 2010

Q-pups spend their night on their own

Keena's puppies turned 5 weeks old today. Last night for the first time they spent a night by themselves, without Keena. Until yesterday they stayed in my office, but it was getting too crowded so we moved them to the fenced pen, which is attached to a shed. This setup is described in this post from 2009. Keena seems to be relieved to have a break from the pups over the night, and they did not seem to be too stressed out about the new situation.

Today there was a drizzle, and it was a good opportunity to get pups out onto the wet grass and the gravel driveway. New experiences are very important at this age. We also sprinkled some deer blood on the grass to see whether the pups would respond to the scent (yes, they did). Puppies also had a chance to meet other dogs - Joeri and Tommy.

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