Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A great learning blood tracking experience for Pepper (aka Grannie) from Georgia

Great news from Saralynne Hudgins from Georgia:

Terry, Pepper and his ~140 class (8point) scored buck!
3rd arrow shot was a perfect kill through chest on the second day of bow season in Henry Co. Georgia on September 13th 2009...
Entered buck in the GON publication's 'Truck Buck' contest for the state opening week.
I (Pepper's blood tracking coach to date*smile*) took Pepper to track because Terry called and said he thought would need the dog to find the deer, but he found the deer before Pepper and I arrived on location.
Pepper was beside herself, growling and intently assessing the situation visually and by scent, before wanting to lavish herself with the fresh meat! She loved it!
Pepper, was quite territorial about the kill which was covered with hundreds of thirsty seed/deer ticks who had just lost their host (so we had to monitor her contact with the deer and limit it to prevent her from also being covered with ticks)!

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