Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Imprinting Keena's pups for blood tracking

It has been a while since the last update. Two litters of puppies at the same time are a lot of work! Also last weekend I went to field trials where Joeri finished his field championship. I will be going to another field trial on Friday and this will interrupt our regular updates again.
Anyway, both litters are doing really well. Keena's pups had their blood tracking exercises today. We did a deer liver drag for them, first individually and then for the group.

Keena's pups are completely weaned now. They spend their nights in the shed where we have a nice setup for the pups. There is a heated dog house and the floor is covered with wood chips. In the morning we let the pups out to the attached pen. They can navigate really well now between the shed and the pen, where they have a lot of room to play

We have not come up yet with names for the pups but this will change next week.

Pictures show:

Two females - White and Yellow

Pink Female

Males: Navy and Blue

Males: Green and Red

Life is good!