Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A new toy for puppies is a hit

Yesterday when I was shopping at Sam's Club I saw a bin with huge plush toys. One of them was this jumbo gator, around 5 feet long. Well, I could not help myself. I know that over the years all pups have loved the huge plush rabbit that we have. I thought that the gator is going to be even better. Today I put it on the lawn and brought pups out, one at a time. I was curious how they would react to the unusal and strange object. As it turned out, each pup walked to the gator and started to play without any hesitation. Olive (to the left) started to bite the toy, and Olana (next picture) was quick to hump it.

Ollie climbed on the top of it...

and Oak did the same thing.



I was flattered because pups found me more interesting than the gator and tried to engage me to play. Only when I brought out the whole group, the real fun started.

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