Sunday, March 1, 2009

A busy day for puppies

Today puppies are six weeks old, and they had a very busy day. We expect quite a bit of snow tomorrow so we had to take advantage of today's relatively good weather.

In the morning I took puppies to our doggy yard (it was their first trip there) where they could meet some adult dogs. It is easier to manage new encounters like this outside where dogs do not feel cornered or crowded and can get away from puppies if they want to.

To the right - picture of Joeri and Ollie

Puppies had a chance to socialize with Asko (their great-grandsire), Billy (their uncle) and Joeri (their sire). Asko and Billy know all about young puppies and they have no real interest in them. However, Joeri was fascinated by them. All went well and everybody had a good time.

The the right - Joeri and Olive. BTW, puppies got new collars few days ago, and right now Olive is without collar as I discovered that I don't have a yellow one for her.

This is Olive with Asko, while Joeri watches both of them. Even though Asko is almost ten years old, he does not look his age, and he behaves himself very much like a puppy.

Emma got busted by puppies but she managed to get away after 30 seconds or so. While she is in the house she still spends a lot of time with her pups. Once outside, however, the only thing on her mind is hunting.

In the afternoon puppies were exposed to deer blood and liver, but we will write more about it tomorrow.

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Albert A Rasch said...

Ridiculously cute!

How can you stand it!

I really like their inquisitive faces and their ears.

Thanks again!

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