Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brush piles busters in training

Today puppies went to our fenced in grounds where we maintain a good habitat for rabbits. Emma and Asko came along.

Well, first the pups had to go a few stairs down, which was not a simple matter as the steps were too high for them. Oak just jumped off the deck as he could not be bothered with the stairs. Others have to be helped.

Then after a short walk across our front lawn, pups got into our fenced in area. Having Asko there helped a lot as pups wanted to follow him and he did not mind.

Pups really enjoyed going under the piles of dry grass and brush.

Emma and Asko were their role models but they really did not need much help.

Altogether we were out for 40 minutes, and pups enjoyed the exercise. When we came back home, they were tired and did not protest when I put them in crates.
Emma does not let them nurse any longer so we cut down her food and now we feed pups four small meals a day.

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