Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today puppies got their names

  • Today puppies got their names. All puppies in this litter will have their names that start with "O" as when we name our puppies we follow the alphabet. John started in 1968 with his first “A” litter; we went through the whole alphabet once, and now in 2009 we are on the second “O”. The next AKC litter, which will be out of Keena, will be a “P” litter .

  • The pups' registered names also include our kennel name “von Moosbach-Zuzelek”. We register all pups in our name first, and then transfer ownership to new owners. Actually today we decided on the names:

    Pink female is Olana v Moosbach-Zuzelek
    Yellow female is Olive v Moosbach-Zuzelek
    Blue male is Oak v Moosbach-Zuzelek
    Green male is Ollie v Moosbach-Zuzelek

Today Olana is 13.6 oz, Olive 10.6 oz, Ollie 13.0 oz and Oaks 13.6 oz.

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