Friday, April 25, 2014

V puppies are two weeks old

Tomorrow puppies are going to be two weeks old so today I tried to snap some pictures. As expected all the puppies are going to have wirehaired coats with beards. Tommy is homozygous for the dominant gene controlling the presence of furnishings so even though Tuesday carries a recessive gene for the lack of furnishings these pups, all of them, are going to have beards.

At this stage the pups seem to be very laid back and low key but this might change with age. Tuesday continues to be a devoted mom, and now she takes some short breaks from the whelping box.

Tomorrow we are going to deworm pups and the mom with Nemex 2.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

They look really Lovely. Yes I can see that they will have great coat. Like the typical colour they have.
Was yesterday visiting my what I call breeder mentor. THey have 7 puppies , 4 weeks old. Very qute too. Cant wait until we have puppies when Tyra will be mated. My mentor said we should take a litter on Ayla. We will get them sold even its going to be late in the normal season , sep/oct.