Saturday, July 13, 2013

Puppies will start leaving for their new homes at the end of this week

Puppies are 9 weeks now, and as it turned out today's 50-yard liver drag was too easy for them. Now we need to age the tracks more and make them longer. Puppies continue to go on walks around our property, in the woods and fields. They become more independent and their range gets larger with every day. Also almost every day they spend a couple of hours in crates getting a nap. Mielikki has access to pups a couple of times a day, but the weaning process has been completed and she does not produce any more milk.

When we have our own meals we bring one puppy to our kitchen so we can spend some time with pups one-on-one basis. We are learning about pups' tendencies and their personalities. So far we are very impressed with all the pups, and it is going to be very hard to part with them. At the end of this week a couple of pups will leave for their new home.

With our field mowed now, it might be difficult to keep all the pups together on our walks. Their noses might take them in various directions.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Lovely Pictures.
Yes its a great time having them. I decided directly not to be too fond of them. Of course give all love I could. But they where sold Before they came to the World. It was more difficult for my partner Joakim , he missed them a lot.