Monday, June 11, 2012

Update on Tarah from Huntsville, Texas

Woody sent as an e-mail saying " This morning early Tarah and I went for a walk in the woods while it was cool, there is a little stream that has about a foot of water in it that she saw for her first time, she sniffed it and then just jumped in then she would put her head all the way under water and was jumping like a bucking horse." BTW, I took Tuesday, Theo and Thor to the pond today and both boys went into the water. Thor decided to come out quickly and think about it more. Theo was swimming by himself very nicely. And Tuesday did not want to even wet her feet. As we always say, every pup is a different individual.

Also thanks to Woody's neighbor Sam Willett we received a bunch of really nice pictures of Tarah, with captions! Thank you!

Here's Tarah ripping into a big chunk of deer liver at the end of a 30yrd track.

Tarah is trying to pull Woody over.

A boy with his Teckel.
Miss Money Penny and I are very happy to have Tarah as a neighbor, Penny can't wait to meet Tarah as soon as the Vet says it's o.k. (This is a buck I made a miserable hit on with my longbow last October, Penny recovered it the next morning after a 300 yd track in thick woods) 
Few days later Sam and his wife visited the Harmons. Sam wrote: My wife and Tarah, Tarah had just licked Mary Ann's face.   
Tarah was very excited, she seemed to know she was meeting another Dachshund.
A very confident pup in her new home.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Great to hear news about Tarah, I really liked her. All of them are qute but Tarah sneaked in to my heart little more.
Thanks for the commet. Yes Vilja is very good looking.
This weekend I will go to my breeder mentor. She engaged a well known dog instructor for hunting dogs for her puppy buyer. And I can go to. Its a 2 days training course. Cost some but its worth it. VIlja has a strong own opinion and I have to work a lot with her.

Will write and show pictures from the course.