Friday, June 8, 2012

Pups' experiences with walks to the pond and first rides in a car

We got a nice feedback from Woody regarding Tarah via Sam, his neighbor with a computer and Facebook. Thank you Sam!

John left for Quebec on Tuesday so I have been extra busy and have not had much time for posting. Puppies are doing really well. We took several trips to the pond. This year the pond is overgrown with algae and I do not want the pups to ingest the "stuff", which can be toxic so we keep the trips short. But it is a good exercise for them to follow me on the walks.

Today I mowed paths in our overgrown fenced-in field so tomorrow we will be able to walk there and lay some tracks. Pups also had their first trips in the car. Since there are only three of them they managed well on a blanket in the passenger seat. All went well, and it was funny that when I turned the radio on, they started to wag their tails.

Every day the pups spend a little bit of time in crates so they are used to them. Tuesday and Theo have never had a problem with being by themselves in a crate but Thor objected very strongly. So the last two days he has been crated with another puppy, and he liked that. In a couple of days I'll try to put him there solo again; hopefully by then he will be used to the setup.

All three pups have very good wirehaired coats, just like their brothers and sister from the first, S, litter.

In this picture puppies look much bigger than they actually are. Bernie is a saint and way too permissive. They need a good lesson in how to behave around other dogs.

Interestingly, Bella, even though she is just one year old, is not as patient with the pups as Bernie is.

Puppies on their walk to the pond.

Coming back home.


Lindsjö taxar said...

They look lovely. Bernie is a nice extra Dad to them. How patience he is.

Jules said...

Tuesday would be my pick of this litter. Pretty little girl! I'm glad we will get to see more of her.

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

Thank you! Conformation-wise they are quite alike though at this time Tuesday is the most agile. She runs up the stairs so quickly that I can hardly catch up with her. All the pups are very friendly and outgoing but also different in her behavioral tendencies. Theo wants to please and looks for eye contact all the time. Thor is very social and persistant. Tuesday is quite independant. It will be fun to watch how they develop and mature.