Monday, October 10, 2011

Strut (Dubya) at his new home in Missouri

We got a nice report from Matt and Jenny about Strut whose calling name is Dubya (variation on a "W" letter).
We all made it home safe. Dubya/Strut whined a little on the way back to the hotel Saturday and only briefly during his travels on Sunday. We were very proud of him! During our travels there was a ton of interest in Dubya from other travelers with everyone agreeing he was very handsome. Everything went according to schedule so we were able to minimize our travel time the best we could.
Yesterday afternoon we had a get together with some of our family to introduce Dubya. The attached pictures are of Dubya from yesterday's get together. He was a big hit! He really enjoyed the interaction with the family and spread out affection among everyone. Dad was especially impressed with Dubya, and when they weren't interacting Dad was looking over the family tree from the folder. It was a great end to a long day.
We really enjoyed spending the day with the you and John and appreciate the opportunity!


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