Thursday, October 6, 2011

Puppies get a clean bill of health

Today puppies were examined by Dr. Rebecca Kryzak and her husband Matt. Don't you miss those good old days when vets and doctors made house calls? Well, we got lucky as about a year ago Dr. Kryzak moved to our area and established Cottonwood Creek Veterinary Services. She makes house calls! So today instead of loading puppies to the car and driving 30 minutes to our regular vet, we asked Dr. Kryzak to come to our place, examine puppies and vaccinate Bella for rabies. We loved the whole experience.

Puppies are healthy, and their hearts sound strong. They got a clean bill of health.

Pups had their temperature taken.

Summer was not easy to handle as she insisted on covering Matt with kisses. She is wiggly and pushy. 
Pups are extremely people oriented and were happy to see strangers.


Stan said...

She went from "Pink Girl" to "Summer" overnight! Love that name!!

Lindsjö taxar said...

Will you keep Summer? She´s lovely...

Jolanta Jeanneney said...

This is a difficult question as we have not decided yet. We were planning to keep a girl from this litter, but there is only one girl, and she has some features that for us are hard to tolerate. Our perspective is breeders' perspective, not just trackers' perspective, and we know what qualities we need in our breeding program considering the dogs that we have and will use for breeding. Summer's shoulders are very broad and placed too much forward so her neck is quite short. Not a good feature in a brood bitch as she will be passing this to her offspring. Her temperament is fiery, more like a terrier. Very quick, excitable and high energy - not exactly the type of dachshund we want to breed. So while she might make a very good tracking dog, she might not be a good breeding prospect. We will hold on to her for a while longer, but in the end we might decide to let her go. I actually like boys more in this litter, and probably will keep one for ourselves. Tomorrow the first boy will be going to his new home and new owners are flying here all the way from Missouri. We chose Yellow male for them and his name is going to be Strut von Moosbach-Zuzelek.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Ok, I understand. You will have more puppies and can keep a female next time. I probably will have my second litter with Tyra next year.