Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pups are getting more active

Yesterday we had huge thunderstorms going through the area so pups spent all their day inside. Today on the other hand is very warm and we'll wait for the cool evening to put them on the grass for 15-20 minutes. I cut their nails today and the pups were not too happy about that. It is at least the second nail trimming, and it had to be done. Pups start to interact with us and with each other more and more. They certainly can hear now and they are getting more mobile with every day. Soon we will give them toys to play with, but I am afraid that now Paika would confiscate all the toys and keep them for herself. She still spends quite a bit time with the pups.

It looks like all puppies will have wirehaired coat, as we expected. Some will have more coat than others though. I can see more hair on the girl and Blue boy.

We really have to get our act together and name the pups. It is harder than you might think. We will be keeping one puppy from this litter but have no idea which one, so all the names have to be acceptable to us because we will end up with one of them. Last year we named pups early for the ease of record keeping (there were 14 pups in two litters after all). Then when we decided to keep Queenie, we had to change her name to Quenotte as John did not like the name Queenie at all. So this year we'll be more careful. And since English is my second language, some names are just plain hard for me to pronounce. As a rule we like to use a registered name as a calling name too.

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