Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting ready for Irene

Saturday started well. Today the town of Berne had a big garage sale at multiple sites, where I was able to pick up some stuff for puppies for a very low price. Bella got three "new" toys, and puppies got a silver fox fur collar wrap just for $5.00. They will really enjoy playing with it.Then our preparations for the arrival of Irene started. My den is prone to flooding so I moved puppies and their whelping box upstairs to our living room. Our beagle club had our annual Italian Dinner tonight, and I had to prepare a salad. It went well, and it was a good evening to relax over a bottle of wine in the company of friends. The food was superb. This weekend the club is hosting a three day trial, but I think the tomorrow trial is being rescheduled. When we got back home we continued with preparations. It is not simple to take care of ten adult dogs, five three-week-old pups and one eleven-week-old pup when the heavy rain and gusty winds are expected to last at least 12 hours. We decided to bring all the dogs to the house and they are now very comfortable in their crates in our mud room downstairs. We'll see what happens in the morning and how they are going to do their business tomorrow morning in the pouring rain. We hope that Irene is kind to us!

Puppies and their new toy.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Hope Irene will pass you without any damage. We follow the news. The pups growing fast and are lovely.