Friday, July 9, 2010

Pups' first blood line and first encounter with a deer hide

Last evening there was a nice breeze, and even though it was still very hot, we managed to do a short fresh blood line for puppies, which ended with a deer hide served as reward. The video below shows puppies coming to the end of blood line and responding to a deer hide (their first). You can also see Geiko there, who now is fully integrated into the pack. He is in the first frame the brown pup on the right.

After pups had chewed on the hide for a while, John started to drag the hide and pups followed. They did well, and it was a good exercise. Some of them were more intense than others, but overall we were very pleased.

This morning started with a lot of excitement. When we got up and let Billy out to our fenced-in dog yard, we did not realize that  a rabbit squeezed through the gate and was munching on the grass there. Billy killed it quickly, after John gutted it, we offered it to the puppies. Well, what can I say? The puppies are little savage beasts.

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Stan said...

Good stuff here! Savage Beasts are what we want (as long as they cuddle nice on the couch, too)