Thursday, July 22, 2010

Puppies meet kids

posted by John

The Dunnells family lives near the foot of our long driveway. Paula and Kevin are animal folks like us and their children Mackenzie, Logan and Alicia are maintaining the family tradition. They visited us this evening and we watched to see if the puppies would wear out the kids or vice versa. It was a draw, but we cheated a little bit and sent the puppies to play with them in two shifts.

Mackenzie, the youngest girl was the individual winner with the most energy. She inspired the pups to keep up with her as she ran circles around our big lawn. We are beginning to learn a lot about our pups. Now we are pretty sure that they will have the stamina to be tracking dogs.

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Stan said...

If those young pups can keep up with romping young kids, you're right--they will have the stamina to track!