Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rain and thunderstorms in the forecast so puppies are going to stay inside

Today we had several new developments. In the morning we brought Paika to the kitchen with hope that she would be gentle enough with Geico. For the most part she was, and things went very well. He is so tiny in comparison to her that all the interaction has to be done with us present, under our supervision. But little guy had  a lot of fun playing with Paika, and after 20 minutes he was exhausted.

We had several scattered showers so pups had to come inside a few times. Tonight the forecast calls for thunderstorms so a shed is not a good place for the pups to stay in alone overnight. They are not ready for this kind of stress. So both litters got reunited and they are going to spend the night inside in the pen filled with wood chips. The pen is attached to a big whelping box, which now serves as sleeping and playing area for the pups. When they need to go to bathroom they use the wood chips in the pen. We have used this system for many years and it has been working very well. This way, puppies learn early to be clean and not to soil their bed.

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