Thursday, June 24, 2010

Q-pups go for a walk

Keena's puppies went for a short walk today. The idea is to have them follow me, and when they do, they get awarded with praise. When the weather is good, pups stay outside in one of the pens. As we want them to be flexible - they do not have any routine. Time of feeding varies, and food varies on daily basis. They are moved from one pen to another, and we change their toys often too.

Below are pictures of Quantum, who today was 850 gr. He is an adorable puppy, but he looks very different from other pups. Actually, we decided that he reminds us of gecko from Geico commercials and we are calling him Geico. Today I put him together with his litter mates for about 20 minutes and watched him. He tried to dominate other pups but they were sleepy and they really did not mind.

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