Thursday, June 3, 2010

Green puppy - first attempts of walking

Keena's puppies have opened their eyes but since they are asleep most of the time this is not easy to show. Also their eyes are very sensitive to bright light so we'll wait with close-ups few more days.

I tend to take more pics of Keena's pups as the lighting in my office is better than in the room where Gilda is with her pups. These are current weights for R-pups:

White at birth 260 gr, now 580
Pink at birth 300 gr, now 615

Red at birth 365 gr, now 730
Yellow at birth 280 gr, now 630
Black at birth 335 gr, now 670

Puppies are supposed to double their weight at birth within first ten days so everybody is on target.

Keena's Green male puppy who is mothered by Gilda was today 450 gr and almost doubled his birth weight on day 13. When he gets older we'll take him to a vet to check him out. As far as walking goes, he is the most advance because he is the lightest (everybody else is still crawling). eThe video below shows his first attempts at walking.

To see the clip in other resolutions click here.

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Stan said...

Green Boy may be small, but he's got SPUNK!