Monday, May 25, 2009

Keena's puppies take the plunge (at 8 weeks)

It is a gorgeous day here today. John is busy with getting his presentations ready for the NATC workshop so I decided to take Keena's puppies to the pond by myself. The pups are 8 weeks old today.

The only drawback of that many pups in a litter is that I have to count them all the time to make sure that everybody is following the pack.

This time pups were much more curious about the pond. The water was very warm so I gently took each pup individually and wetted it. They really did not mind.

They were not intimidated by all the fish swimming so close by either.

I think we need to reduce the fish population as there are so many of them!

I did not really plan to get into water as I was holding my camera, but I slipped and fell (camera stayed dry). And since I was already wet, I took several steps into the pond. Some pups followed. I did not expect that they would be ready to swim so far.

Some of them got submerged but nobody panicked. I guess they might react differently in a week when they get into the "fear imprinting period".
But today they were really brave and ready for adventure!

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