Sunday, April 19, 2009

Olive aka Remi at her new home

We got these very nice pictures from Peg Thiele, and they show Olive at her new home. Olive has a new name now - she is "Remi", short for Remington.

It looks like Remi's coat is going to be short. Fow a while it looked like the coat was getting longer but maybe it was just my wishful thinking. This kind of coat is genetically recessive to the wirehaired coat. It is different from a "normal" smooth coat as it has two layers, undercoat and topcoat, while a regular smooth coat has just one layer. However, in this case the topcoat stays short and the dog is not going to have a beard, eyebrows and leg furnishings typical for the wirehaired coat.

In fact, the double coat like this with a very short topcoat appeals to many hunters and handlers as it does not require any grooming yet provides a pretty good protection.

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