Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gilda's puppies doubled their weight

Gilda's pups doubled their weight yesterday:
  • Males
  • Sage 700 gr
  • Green 540 gr
  • Purple 710 gr
  • Red 570 gr
  • Females
  • Orange 560 gr
  • Lime 600 gr
  • Cream 670 gr
  • Pink 715 gr

Surprisingly, it looks like we are not going to have smooth pups in this litter either. We know that both parents carry a gene for smooth coat as they produced one smooth puppy in their previous litter. But even though there are eight pups here all of them seem to have a wirehaired coat, at least at this stage.

As it turned out this litter is going to be registered with both, the AKC and DTK. Since this is a turn for G litter according to the DTK system, it will be the "G" litter.

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