Sunday, February 22, 2009

Puppies' new explorations

Today puppies are five weeks old. They are doing really well. We started to take them, individually and in a group, upstairs, where our kitchen and dining area are. This way they have a chance to get used to the sounds of every day life - the sounds of the dishwasher, blender, fridge, kettle etc. They also get a chance to stretch their legs and run, and to meet other dogs.

The pups also spend some time in our mudroom (this is where the pictures were taken), where our washing machine and dryer are located.

They enjoy playing with toys but nothing beats the attractiveness of the antlers and deer legs. The antlers you see in the picture were given to us by Marty and Mikki Vlach from Nebraska as a gift, and puppies are putting it to a good use.
Today I opened the mudroom door that leads outside, and I let pups explore. We are getting some snow today but it is not cold, around the freezing point. I kept Emma away from the pups as I wanted to observe their reaction to the snow and lower temperature. They were not too sure about the whole thing at the beginning, but they all made it outside on their own. They seemed to enjoy the experience but at the end they were mentally pretty tired. Well, tired puppies are good puppies :-)

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