Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Puppies enjoyed their trip outdoors

Today I could feel that spring is not that far away. The sun was out, and the tempearture was in high 30s. It was a perfect opportunity to take puppies out for their first real trip outside. They are just five and a half weeks old but at this age they are certainly up to it. I remember that my first litter of wires was born in Alberta in December. The pups were around 6 weeks old when they started to run in the snow, and the weather was much more colder there.

Puppies did really well. They were not apprehensive about the snow or wet grass. They used their noses well, and they were very inquisitive. Nobody cried or wanted to go home. They had a lot fun and so did I just watching them. Emma did not pay much attention to the pups. She was just happy to be outside off leash.

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