Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another bed

Within 24 hours it became obvious that the old new bed was small so today when I was in Albany I got a new larger bed for puppies. I got it just for $15 at K-Mart. As it turned out Emma liked puppies' new bed even more than her own bed! I think this is not going to last long as puppies erupting teeth will put the end to Emma's long visits to the whelping box.

Also I managed to get some new toys. The little green "Ribbit" is actually a kids' toy bought at Rite-Aid; it makes several different sounds, and puppies are fascinated by it. It is a right size for them. I'll take it away from the pups when they get older and will be able to destroy it. Luckily Emma is not a toy chewer, just a hoarder.

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