Saturday, May 10, 2014

V- puppies turn 4 weeks old. Puppies' sensory development.

The fourth week between 21st and 28th day in puppy development is referred to as "awareness or identification period". At this stage all puppies' senses are functioning well, and this past week pups have undergone many first experiences. For example they heard a vacuum cleaner for the first time (no problem!).  Since the whelping box is still in my den where I work on the computer, they listened to quite a few youtube sound tracks with a variety of sounds. So far I have not noticed any sound sensitivity. Sure when they hear a door slammed or a sudden loud noise they startle (which is a completely normal response), but they recover from it very quickly. Several times a day they are taken out of the whelping box and allowed free run and exploration of my den. They like that a lot. When weather allows, they get to spend some time outside in a pen, where they are exposed to a huge variety of smells, sights and sounds.

Pups still rely on Tuesday for their nourishment but yesterday for the first time they had a meal of puppy food mixed with goat milk. They were also given raw bones to play with.
Their weights are:
Volt (lime collar), was at birth 221 gr, now 1645 
Vivica (red) was 250 gr, now 1645
Viola (pink) was 210 gr, now 1565
Vincet (blue) was 232 gr, now 1525
Vonnie (yellow)  was 215 gr, now 1505

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Lindsjö taxar said...

They are Lovely! Cant wait to we get puppies.
Still no sign.....