Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mielikki is a supermom to her seven puppies

Even though officially it is not summer yet dog days of summer arrived early this year. We have had three consecutive days of temperatures above 90F (30C plus). Now puppies spend part of their day outside in a pen located in the shaded part of lawn. Everybody feels a bit lazy, everybody except for Mielikki.
Mielikki still supplies 100% of puppies food so she is the hardest working dog around here these days. In the picture she is longingly looking at our fenced-in field, where she used to run rabbits. Few more weeks Mielikki, few more weeks and you will be able to do it again! It is impossible to do it now as her boobies are very low to the ground. 

It is good to be a puppy!

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