Monday, May 27, 2013

Puppies get to meet our family

It is a Memorial Day weekend, and our family from New Jersey came to visit. Emilie (John's daughter), her husband Ron and two boys Sam and Ben were accompanied by their five-month-old Lab Luke. I was a little concerned that the commotion might disturb Mielikki but I was proven wrong. Mielikki was delighted with all the attention she and her puppies have been getting. Pups can  hear  now (their ears are closed when they are born) and they respond to human voice.

Ben is natural with animals and Mielikki did not mind when he held the pups and played with them.

Ben was helping with feeding Mielikki. Judging by the pups' reaction to the smell of the food it looks like they are ready to try it.

Puppies got some serious loving!

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