Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mielikki and Sky's puppies: the first two weeks for the U-litter

We wrote about the whelping and first couple of days of Mielikki's puppies on our main blog. To read about  it click here and here. We are happy to report that Mielikki has been a terrific mother and her puppies have been doing really. Today they are two weeks old and their eyes are open. I took them for a short while outside as the sky has been overcast so the bright sun is not going to harm their sensitive eyes. Nobody was crying and pups were not stressed out. At this age they seem to be very easy going and laid back. They like to be handled and stroked, and they give little kisses. They don't struggle almost at all when turned on their backs. We will be learning much more about them in the next few weeks.

These are the pups
Urho - blue at birth 280 gr, now 895
Uncas - red at birth 285, now 925
Ursula - green at birth 285, now 780
Utah - yellow 261/835
Uma - white 244/760
Uschi - pink 215/790
Uta - no ribbon 215/670

Day #11

Day #2

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Maribeth said...

They are beautiful!