Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reports on T puppies at the age of 11 weeks

Thor and Theo left a week ago, and it does not look like Tuesday has been missing her brothers. Now it is easier for us to spend one-on-one time with her. She made the transition to being the only young puppy here easily. At night she sleeps in her crate, and she makes it through the night without any problems. We don't have to get up during the night to let her out. The last time she goes out is around 11 pm, and then in the morning she is let out at 7 am. She is not housebroken yet, and has some accidents in the house when we don't pay attention. During the day she spends some time in a pen on our front lawn, where she has plenty of toys. We don't want her to be too dependent on the rest of her canine family for all her social needs. She needs to bond strongly with us too so we take her for walks, we play with her and train her. She has been very easy with the leash training. It was too hot for blood tracking training, but we will resume it next week.

We have been getting good reports on the other three pups.

A couple of days ago Woody wrote about Tarah: Five hours ago we did a deer skin drag for Tarah, about a hundred yards. We went down a hill side across a little creek the water, which was about 12 inches deep and about 4 yards across. I used deer skin that I had poured blood on, 30 yards after crossing the creek I hid the deer skin under a big pile of brush. I put Tarah on the trail it took her 9min and 5sec my son and I were so proud of our little Tarah.

Darren Doran reports that things are going well with Theo: Theo is doing good. Karl and Theo have really bonded well. Karl has always liked other dogs and these two play all day together. I make sure Karl gets equal attention and they were both sleeping in my lap in the recliner last night. It's been hot here but its supposed to break Saturday, I might try a short line Sunday night. I have my vet appointment Wednesday.

Karl ( bottom) and Theo

Karl and Theo on a walk

Theo with a hoof

Bob Yax  had Thor on his first training line:

Just a note about our first training line tonight - Thor did great ! - I definitely have to challenge him more on the next one. We did a 40 yard liver drag with a 90 deg turn after 20 yards. It was aged for two and a half hours. We did it about 8:30 tonight. It took about a minute in total. He spent about 10 seconds sniffing and licking at the start point where I smeared a little liver blood, then he took off on the line at a good pace. At 1 point he circled back a few feet and then continued back on the line. When he got to the turn, he didn't even slow down, he made the turn and then went directly to the tail and small chunk of liver I left there. He couldn't have done better - he was never more than 2ft from the line.
Looks very promising - can't wait till the next line !
Nate Yax with Thor

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Lindsjö taxar said...

How great puppies you have in this litter. They are so young and already tracking well. Do you keep Tuesday? She seems to be a great puppy , doing very well.

My training course with VIlja last weekend did well. Vilja is doing some skills we learned. I´m working with her barking, thats she´s doing little to much for nothing...cant wait until 1st Oct when we start roe hunting training