Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pups get a veterinary checkup

Just like last year, we arranged for a home visit by Cottonwood Creek Veterinary Services to examine the pups. So far the pups ahve been dewormed three times. Yesterday we vaccinated puppies  with Proguard 5, but we also wanted their hearts to be checked out.

Tuesday and Thor

Thor and Theo


Tarah being examined by Dr. Kryzak

Puppies continue their intro to tracking by following liver drags.

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Lindsjö taxar said...

They are so qute, I really like Tarah, send her over :-) Tyra is in heat now for one week so next time Dec/Jan we will have a litter. I have decided a male from Finland with good huntinglines and to bring new blood into Sweden. I will open my homepage this weekend after start it up with new server. We have rain all weekend so that is good work.
Do they have homes yet?