Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Puppies interact with their older brother Sky

Tomorrow pups will be seven weeks old so we will weigh them. We started to feed them individually as some of them were getting too heavy. I suspect that especially Thor was getting more than his share of food. We feed them in crates, to which they need to get used to, but they are not too happy about it.

They met Sky today, who was very gentle with them. I was very impressed by Sky's manners around the pups. Well, after all he is the pup's older brother.

Pups spend their nights in the whelping box, which is attached to the pen with wood chips. During the day they come to the kitchen and dining area, when we are there. They also spend part of their day outside - in a puppy yard, which is attached to a shed. They go for walks, they socialize with visitors and our older dogs. And of course, we started them on liver drags.

Tarah is still the smallest. She is an extremely social puppy; quite vocal. She needs a lot of attention and interaction.

Sky is inspecting Thor, who submits completely.

Tuesday with Sky

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Lindsjö taxar said...

How lovely they are. You have great caring for them...they are really prepared when they leave to new homes....